Tie-Ups with Multiple Hospitals

Students will have the chance to gain clinical experience in one of Durgapur’s best hospitals. Vivekananda Hospital, our parent hospital, is conveniently located in the centre of the city and is reachable by all forms of transportation. It has working beds, an operable ICCU, well-equipped operating rooms with a labour room, a dialysis facility, a medium-sized laboratory, radiology, an on-site pharmacy, an ambulance service, and a canteen with wholesome food. Students will acquire exposure in a range of clinical specialties, including general medicine, where they can engage with actual patients in the ward and learn about intensive care unit situations. Preoperative and postoperative cases are part of general surgery. Students who study obstetrics and gynaecology may see caesarean section births, a branch of orthopaedics that treats common conditions, emergency cases, Polytrauma cases, ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology cases which consists of pre-operative, post-operative cases.


We provide for Excellent Hostel Facilities for girls. Proper facilities make the hostels a perfect place for the students to stay and prepare themselves for the future. Resident students are provided furnished accommodation comprising cot, chair, cupboard, internet Wi-Fi, etc. Each hostel is provided with independent dining area and common rooms, TV, etc. Hostel has indoor games facility. Hot and cold drinking water facility is provided in the hostel. Free transport facility is provided to students to reach college during weekdays. Ambulance facility is always available 24X7 for the better service to the students during hours of emergency.

  • Medical Emergency facilities
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • Free Transportation Facility
  • Gym facilities
  • 24 hours electricity supply
  • Veg & Non-Veg food
  • Security arrangements


The College provides multiple facilities to the prospective students who are under the aegis of the task of nation building. Transport for daily commuting by the students from College to place of residence has been a great concern for the parents. The College provides free transportation to the students and staff from different locations with point pick up and drop facility. The College’s provision of transportation services will relieve students of the burden of taking public transportation or driving themselves to class. Transport facility is also used by the students for various educational activities like field visits, writing semester end final exams and school internships. The routes and pick up points are communicated to the students which is available with the College Office.

Smart Classrooms

As the world is moving fast with growing competition, one need to keep up. Hence, the smart class is a technological boon for the education system. It provides opportunities for the students to help in understanding the concept better and achieving their academic excellence. The health sector has seen a drastic increase in recent years. It has started adapting different modern teaching methods by using technology. We cannot ignore the fact that these technologies have made education more interactive and easy.


We provide the facility of Canteen services with the provision of hygienically prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. Subsidized mess facility for girls hostel is also provided. Our Canteen provides the perfect ambience for students to unwind both individually as well as in groups. Special care has been taken to make sure that the students get hygienic & nutritious food. The canteen remains open throughout the day and has a variety of snacks, tea, coffee and other beverages to offer. The canteen is well equipped with the facilities of cooking, storing and refrigeration facilities.

Purified Hot & Cold Drinking Water

The College has made all the necessary arrangements for providing clean and pure drinking water to the students and all staff members. Water Purification: The drinking water is purified by the water purifier installed within the Academic block. Water purification is done by Aqua guard 200 ultra violet (UV) water purifier through three stage purification process. Cold Water: During summer fresh and pure drinking water is provided to the students and staff through the Water Cooler having capacity of cooling 60 liters of water at a stretch. It is to ensure that the students and staffs of the College remain hydrated during scorching heat along with sound health.

World class Labs

Obstetrics and gynaecological laboratory

It is designed to make students gain knowledge and techniques to the real situation procedures. It is well equipped with instruments, fetal skulls, maternal pelvis, forceps, dummies for mechanism of labor, models for normal and abnormal labor mechanism, flowcharts of obstetrical care and principles and charts to provide every possible knowledge related to obstetrics and gynaecological nursing.

Pre-clinical Science laboratory

It is designed to enable the students to acquire Knowledge of the Anatomical Structure & Functions, Biochemical Composition and its alteration of the Human Body Systems.

Paediatric Nursing laboratory

It is designed to help the students to develop an understanding of the modern approach to the child care. This lab provides strong foundations for handling the new borns and children with the help of manikins. This lab is equipped with the Pediatric CPR manikins, Pediatric Procedure manikin with all orifices, Baby dolls Infantometer, Weighing machine, Oxygen hood, Pediatric stethoscope &BP Apparatus with Pediatric Cuff, lot of play materials, various models and adequate articles and equipment to demonstrate the procedures to the students. It helps to develop skill in carrying out and assisting various pediatric procedures in clinical settings and community settings.

Community health nursing lab

With the help of adapted home visiting kits, the students in this lab practise community health nursing skills while delivering family health care to clients at their doorsteps.

Digital Library

It allows the students to assume same situation as in clinical setting to make them competent in technical skills with proper use of scientific principles. Stock maintenance and cleanliness is taken into consideration. National & International Journal with adequate books in the Ultra-modern Computerized Library.

Computer Lab

Rama Devi Nursing institute has a fully equipped computer laboratory with multimedia, internet facilities. Students are encouraged to utilize it to maximum.