Today, higher education serves as the yardstick by which a country’s development is judged. Higher education is as crucial as administrative policy at a time when the nation is prepared to embark on an exciting future. In order to produce a responsible, forward-thinking, and talented population, society, academia, and industry must unite and share their passion, enthusiasm, and expertise. For the past three decades Rajendranath Education and Welfare Trust,’ Under the ageis of which Rama Devi Nursing Institute also working has focused on giving students an all-encompassing, pertinent and thorough education in a setting that instils ethics ,values and respect for one another. In any region of the world, education is the root of all growth, development, and advancement.

This institute is honored in a scrolling, state of the art campus at Gopalpur, Durgapur, enriched learning furnished with state of the art, exhaustive library. Surroundings environment of the institute which are ecologically so sound and beautiful that they offer a perfect atmosphere for learning and appreciating nursing. The institute believes in the thoughts of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’.

Our principal , nursing, speciality at child health nursing has completed her both B.Sc and M.Sc nursing from govt college of nursing, Burdwan medical college and have several years of teaching experience. The ‘RamaDevi Nursing Institute’ has created a special setting and infrastructure that can provide instruction of genuinely international calibre. This is surely the location for your further research if you are a serious aspirant for a degree and career that may command value and prestige in the healthcare industry. Our goal is to deliver medical education of the highest calibre. The Institute has a positive outlook on the future. The Nursing Profession is the Noblest of all professions and in immense demand globally, offering a highly rewarding career. The Institute’s primary motto is “Compassion, Devotion, and Service.” We are enthusiastic about the new directions the institute is taking and look forward to working closely with them to raise the standard of our education.