About us

The Nursing Institute has been set up in the vicinity of Durgapur to produce World Class Nursing Teachers, Nursing Administrators and Nursing Officers and to prepare professional nurses who would be able to deliver World Class Nursing care. Our Institute offers 60 seats each in B.SC Nursing and GNM.


It is to provide excellence in knowledge skill, and experience in the field of nursing in an ideal atmosphere to prepare and provide quality nursing experts capable of high level service to the humanity.


Holding a nursing certificate in titles the holder to serve the society, nation and the humanity at a higher pedestal level by saving, enhancing people’s lives. Keeping that in view and for attaining quality nursing education, we have arranged for superior facilities in this

institute. This institute is honored in a scrolling, state of the art campus at Gopalpur, Durgapur, enriched learning furnished with state of the art, exhaustive library. Surroundings environment of the institute which are ecologically so sound and beautiful that they offer a perfect atmosphere for learning and appreciating nursing. The institute believes in the thoughts of ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’.